Personalizing Sweet 16 Invitations

Sweet 16 Favors

Sweet 16 Favors

Prepping for a sweet 16 party is an exciting time and putting a personal twist on the invitations is a great way to celebrate and show off your child’s personality. Here are some ideas for personalizing those invitations.

Making Cards From Scratch

  • Start off with any color card stock; it can be your child’s favorite color or a color that matches the party theme.
    You can also opt for blank cards and envelopes instead of the card stock.
  • The card stock can be folded to open and close or can be cut into particular sizes to be a one sided invitation.
  • Use scrapbook embellishments to decorate the card. There are so many to choose from that you are sure to find anything to match your child’s personality or theme.
  • To include the party details, there are rubber stampers or rub on transfers that can be used. Or, use elegant calligraphy/handwriting using different colored sharpies or pens.

Create a Mini Memory Book

  • Use thick card stock for the front and back of the booklet. The booklet size can be the size of a small envelope or larger if desired. A nice size is 4×3.
  • Once you choose your size, punch 2-3 holes on the edge of the cover. (Use shaped hole punchers for more personality.)
  • Decorate the front with scrapbook embellishments.
  • Then choose how many pages you would like to put in the memory book. Have the first page consist of the party details.
  • Choose pictures of the birthday girl and groups of friends to include on each page (can be front and back of each page).
  • Tie the book pages together using colorful ribbon.
  • Remember if there are a lot of pages or embellishments used, you may need extra postage to send them via mail. If handing them out in person, embellish away!

Here’s another idea: give out personalized sweet 16 favors as your invitation to each party guest! Just include a gift tag with each to give party times, locations, and dates.

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