Fun Wine Wedding Favor Options

Wine Themed Candles

Wine Themed Candles

Your big day is a huge celebration, and what would a celebration be without great wine?  There are lots of wine wedding favors that you can consider for your reception décor, some for use during the celebration and others to be taken home as gifts.  You will have fun exploring the options, and when that toast comes, your guests will have fun using these tokens.

Wine glass charms are cute and colorful.  Find colors, shapes, and items that complement your colors and theme.  Arrange for the charms to be used on the champagne or wine glasses at the reception, or include them at each place with notes of thanks.  The idea of a wine charm is not exclusive to adults.  Children love sparkling cider and some brides and grooms strictly use this choice of beverage.  The charms are still whimsical and fun.

Wine bottle stoppers are also excellent wine wedding favors.  You’ll find lots of bottle stoppers to choose from in our selection, all of which are perfect for celebrating your big day.  You’ll also find elegant options in motifs such as the pretty Fleur de Lis.  These can be used in the champagne or wine bottles during the reception, or they can be displayed in gift boxes at each place.  Remind your guests to take them home, as these will be great mementos that can be enjoyed for many years to come :)

What wine wedding favors from our selection are your favorite?

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