Expressing Your Style with Wedding Favors and Packaging

From the moment you agree to marry, you become part of a blast of activity that sometimes seems out of your hands.

Details are what make the wedding! Don't skimp out on your Wedding Favors and Packaging.

Don’t give up too much ground in the process.  Every detail is about your day and your style, and you are going to have a wonderful time exploring the possibilities.  Relish these moments as you create the enchanting day of your dreams.  From your gown to your reception décor, the little things matter just as much as the big details.  Wedding favors and packaging are lots of fun to think about because they are the takeaway elements that send your guests home with fond memories of the event.

Your personal style will dictate your choices in wedding favors and packaging.  You can use these as a way to express your sense of humor or you can be sentimental and sweet.  Perhaps you will select a simple token of thanks or maybe you will send a useful tool that will constantly remind your guests of their part in the day.  Customization is a fun trend in creating favors that fit well with the day, whether it’s as simple as the stickers on a candy box or as elegant as an engraved token.  Balance budget and whimsy to find the best possibilities for your day.

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