Blog Just another WordPress site 2012-08-24T15:45:49Z WordPress Administrator <![CDATA[Consider Memorable Packaging for Your Wedding Favors]]> 2012-08-14T15:50:57Z 2012-08-24T15:45:49Z Wedding favors are a way to show your appreciation to guests for coming to celebrate your special day.  The best

Put the extra elbow grease into your Wedding Favors and Packaging, and it will be a day your guests will never forget!

favors are those that match the theme of your wedding, suit your personality, and give your guests something to remember long after the reception is over.  You can combine wedding favors and packaging to give a unique overall impression without spending a ton of money on favors.

You might choose to make a homemade favor and dress it up with pretty boxes, tins or bags.  Nobody needs to know that the contents of these packages are homemade, unless you choose to tell them.  If making your own favors is too much work, you can buy favors in bulk and give them out in pretty, personalized wrappings.

Popular favor ideas include food items and usable items like cookie cutters, key chains or small pieces of jewelry.  Wedding favors and packaging can even be made from a special seeded paper that can be planted; when the paper degrades, the seeds will sprout and grow wildflowers.  This can be a great idea for an eco-friendly couple.

The best favors will be those that your guests will use and appreciate even after the event has finished.

Administrator <![CDATA[Expressing Your Style with Wedding Favors and Packaging]]> 2012-08-14T15:45:38Z 2012-08-17T15:44:24Z From the moment you agree to marry, you become part of a blast of activity that sometimes seems out of your hands.

Details are what make the wedding! Don't skimp out on your Wedding Favors and Packaging.

Don’t give up too much ground in the process.  Every detail is about your day and your style, and you are going to have a wonderful time exploring the possibilities.  Relish these moments as you create the enchanting day of your dreams.  From your gown to your reception décor, the little things matter just as much as the big details.  Wedding favors and packaging are lots of fun to think about because they are the takeaway elements that send your guests home with fond memories of the event.

Your personal style will dictate your choices in wedding favors and packaging.  You can use these as a way to express your sense of humor or you can be sentimental and sweet.  Perhaps you will select a simple token of thanks or maybe you will send a useful tool that will constantly remind your guests of their part in the day.  Customization is a fun trend in creating favors that fit well with the day, whether it’s as simple as the stickers on a candy box or as elegant as an engraved token.  Balance budget and whimsy to find the best possibilities for your day.

Administrator <![CDATA[Wedding Favor Packaging Ideas]]> 2012-08-10T19:39:05Z 2012-08-10T19:39:05Z More and more brides are realizing the benefits of crafting their own wedding favors. Brides want their day to be

Pick special Wedding Favors and Packaging to make your special day memorable for all.

special and memorable and they can accomplish this goal by adding a personalized touch with DIY favors. Brides who are looking for ideas for wedding favors and packaging have many options available to them.

Wedding favors and packaging help keep the theme of the wedding focused. For brides who want an elegant look, they may want to use silk or organza pouches to place their wedding favors. They may tuck chocolates, almonds, keychains, small photos, candles or potpourri in the satchels. Creative brides that are having an Asian themed wedding may prefer packaging their wedding favors in boxes that look like Chinese takeout boxes.

Brides today are often more eco-conscious than in previous generations. Some brides use bird seeds and plantable stationery as their favor of choice. This wedding favor is perfect in a favor pail container that keeps the garden theme fresh. Other small favors can be wrapped in tulle circles and finished off with a bright bow to match the color of the wedding. Creative brides can add a personal touch to their wedding and save money at the same time with DIY-friendly favors.

Administrator <![CDATA[Candy Bar Buffet: How to make it your dessert and a fun favor]]> 2012-08-06T17:49:31Z 2012-08-06T17:49:31Z Having a Candy Bar at your wedding is one of the hottest trends this wedding season, so why not incorporate it into your wedding scheme? This playfully-sweet wedding trend is so easy to do, and it can double as a wedding favor when you use wedding favor packaging. has some great ways for you to creatively pull this fun and tasty trend off for your big day!

  • Stick with a color: Have a color scheme for your wedding? Stick with it for your candy! Even if you don’t want to

    Send your guests home with some sweet treats from your wedding's candy bar buffet!

    stick with the color scheme from your wedding, you can create a different one for you candy bar! Consistency is always a key with your wedding, and it should be carried out through your candy bar, too.

  • Don’t stick to only candy: Who said a candy bar just had to be candy? Try using some dried fruit, cookies, chocolate covered cookies (Oreos are to DIE for!) and other fun sweet treats! Cater to you and your guests favorite desserts, then customize.
  • Always check the weather: Having an outside wedding? Even if you’re not, be sure that the place where you are putting your candy is air conditioned or cooled. If your wedding is in the summer months, you need to regulate the temperature so your candy doesn’t turn into one big melted mess!

Have more ways to keep a Candy Bar Buffet at your wedding sweet? Leave us a comment below.

Administrator <![CDATA[Favor Days is now on Pinterest!]]> 2012-07-27T20:36:21Z 2012-07-27T20:36:21Z Here at Favor-Days we are so excited to announce that we are now on Pinterest!
Now you can follow us for the latest trends in fall wedding favors, baby shower gifts, as well as favors for your Sweet 16 party. With boards like “Beautiful Baby Shower” and “Perfect Entertaining”, you’ll be able to pick up on the latest and greatest entertaining ideas that you can repin for your own get together!
Not familiar with this form of social media? Pinterest is a great way to organize ideas from other contributor’s virtual pin boards. You can also pin your own material from websites you come across, which puts them all in one place! Pretty great, right? We know we love it!
Do you have problems organizing when it comes to event planning? Pinterest is your place. So if you have a wedding coming up, or perhaps a huge get-together that you need cool party favors for, our Pinterest page has exactly what you’re looking for, plus more!
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Administrator <![CDATA[Daisy Themed Wedding Ideas]]> 2012-07-20T20:05:52Z 2012-07-20T20:05:52Z Your big day is on its way! Not sure of what kind of favors to hand out to your guests? Why not have a daisy themed wedding? Daisies are known to be dainty, delicate, and beautiful during the summer season. has some great ways for you to pull off these adorable themed wedding accents!

  • Stick to the colors: White, yellow, and grey are some great colors for this type of wedding. Perhaps if you’re not

    Let your love grow in your guest's garden with these Daisy Themed wedding favors!

    really a fan of the traditional black as a base color, you can always substitute it for a navy blue! All these colors go perfectly with this summery theme.

  • Centerpieces: The flowers at your wedding are one of the biggest parts of your day! They will be one of the things people remember the most, so why not incorporate them into your theme to make it easier on yourself? For your bridal bouquet, daisies and baby’s breath are the perfect combination of innocence and simplicity. You can also do the same thing with the centerpieces at the table, but sticking out of a mason jar for a sweet, country feel.
  • The favors: Our favorite part of any special day! For your daisy themed wedding, send your guests home with our Shasta Daisy seeds so they can go home and grow a garden of daisies on their own!

Have more ideas on how to incorporate this classy flower into your wedding? Leave us a comment below!

Administrator <![CDATA[Ice Cream Themed Shower: Welcome Your Sweetness into the World!]]> 2012-07-16T18:39:51Z 2012-07-13T18:40:02Z

How sweet it is!

Baby showers are a time of celebration, and what better way to celebrate the arrival of a new little one than with something as sweet as they are? An ice cream themed shower is a great idea for a coed baby shower, because who doesn’t love a little something sweet? has some great ideas for your ice cream baby shower:

  • Ice cream social: Have a few different kinds of ice cream and let your guests create their own sweet treat. Put out toppings and let them make their own sundaes. For decor, go with pastel stripes or turn of the century details. This theme is a great way to indulge in the sweet things in life!
  • 50’s Themed Shower: Lots of fun and easy to pull off, this theme is an affordable but fun way to celebrate your newest arrival. Buy a few of your favorite sodas (orange, root beer, etc.), some crazy straws, and some vanilla ice cream to make floats. Decorate with old records and play 50′s tunes to set the mood.
  • Ice cream cupcakes: Not into ice cream? Try using ice cream cones and baking in some cake mix! Ice cream cone cupcakes are perfect for those who want something a little different. To continue with the cupcake and ice cream theme, use cupcake shaped flower centerpieces (short round vase, full bouquet of carnations with a red one on top or a fake cherry), and include cupcake details on your invitations and thank you cards.

Did we miss any coed baby shower themes or ideas that fit in with ice cream? Leave us a comment below with your ideas!

Administrator <![CDATA[A Playlist for a Love Bird Themed Wedding]]> 2012-07-06T20:13:45Z 2012-07-06T20:13:45Z You have all your wedding plans, wedding favors, and other wedding accessories in order, and now you need the perfect playlist to play for your reception. has compiled a list of the most gushing, lovey-dovey, heart-felt songs for you and your sweetheart to dance to at your love bird themed wedding!

Dave Barnes- Nothing Fancy

Sunday Kind of Love- Etta James

Ain’t Gonna Lose You- Brett Dennen

First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes

Someone to Watch Over Me- Ella Fitzgerald

It’s Your Love- Tim McGraw feat. Faith Hill

Unforgettable- Nat King Cole

This Year’s Love- David Gray

The Luckiest- Ben Folds

Falling Slowly- The Frames

We Are Birds- Brighten

You Really Got a Hold on Me- Sammy Ward

I Won’t Give Up- Jason Mraz

Such Great Heights- Iron & Wine

Just a Kiss- Lady Antebellum

Swing Life Away- Rise Against

Plain White T’s- Rhythm of Love

Amazed- Paul McCartney

It Had to Be You- Frank Sinatra

Everything- Michael Buble

Saved- The Spill Canvas

No One’s Gonna Love You- Band of Horses

Knife- Grizzly Bear

Matt Kearny- New York to California

This Kind of Love- Sister Hazel

Walking After You- Foo Fighters

Modern English- I Melt With You

Have another song that fits our love bird themed wedding? Leave us a comment below! And don’t forget to find the perfect love bird wedding favors right here at Favor Days.

Administrator <![CDATA[“Fall” in Love with Fun, Autumn Themed Wedding Ideas]]> 2012-06-29T20:45:05Z 2012-06-29T20:45:05Z Are you doing some planning for your big day a couple of months in advance? You better be! With the fall season right around the corner, you might be stuck on some themes for your fall wedding. has some fun, trendy, and affordable fall wedding themes, as well as some great fall wedding favor ideas.

  • A tree-themed wedding: For many years, trees have symbolized constant growth and new chances. This would be a great theme for a fall wedding because you and your future spouse will be growing together, making a life. You can incorporate this theme throughout your favors, centerpieces, and other wedding décor.
  • Apple themed wedding: Who doesn’t love eating apples or drinking apple cider in the fall season? You can incorporate apples into your fall wedding by making them part of the centerpieces, giving out hot apple cider at your big day, or even going as far as having your reception in an orchard! Plus, apples go with any fall wedding color scheme because they come in so many different shades.
  • Pumpkin themed wedding: Cinderella rode in a pumpkin to her special day and every since then, pumpkins have had a romantic feel to them. By incorporating pumpkins in your fall themed wedding, you have endless fall wedding favor ideas, as well as fun ways to decorate!

Have more great ideas on fall themed weddings? Leave us a commented below!

Administrator <![CDATA[Celebrate the being the Perfect Pair with these “Perfect Pair” Wedding Favors]]> 2012-06-22T19:24:28Z 2012-06-22T19:24:28Z Are you still unsure on what you want to give out as favors on your special day? Maybe you can’t decide on a theme, and trying to figure one out in a short amount of time is not ideal. How about Perfect Pair Wedding Favors? Simple, yet sentimental wedding favors are the ideal way to say “Thanks for attending out special day.” These cute, themed favors can be exactly what you’re looking to give away on your big day.

At, you have a wide selection of Perfect Pair Wedding Favors. We’ve highlighted our favorite three for you to take a look at!

Perfect Pair Silver Pear Place Card Holder Favors: These cute place card holders are perfect to give away to your guests! They come in packs of twelve and are silver-accented, pear-shaped, and the perfect size! The place holder cards are sold separately, but these cute little favors are sure to warm your guests’ hearts!

“A Perfect Pair” Pear Design Wine Bottle Stopper Favors: This adorable wine-stopper favor is perfect for your guests!  This cute favor can be given to guys or girls as a thank you. The stoppers come with their own box, so minimal packaging is needed.

“The Perfect Pair” Scented Pear Soap Favors : Who doesn’t love scented soaps? These pear-scented soaps are the ideal gift for your guests! These fun little soaps come in their own little box and resemble real pears. So adorable and fun for your guests!

Check out the rest of our cute and fun Perfect Pair Wedding Favors at