Show Your Colors with a Peacock Themed Wedding

As of recently, peacock themed weddings have been popping up all over the wedding scene. This trendy theme can be done in many ways, ranging from peacock feathers to rich, dark, gem-toned colors. With the fun, bright and modern day theme, you’re probably wondering: How do you pull off a peacock themed wedding? We’ve taken the liberty of finding some peacock colored favors for you to give out to your guests on your special day. Here are a few ways to pull off this fun and stylish wedding trend:

  • Blue and brown- These two colors are perfect for a peacock themed wedding. Whether it’s in your décor or your favors, these two colors are complimentary to each other and give your wedding a fun feel! has a huge selection of blue and brown favors. Check them out!
  • Peacock shoes- Find a beautiful pair of royal blue shoes (this could count as your something blue, too!) and super-glue a peacock feather on the outside of the shoe. Point the feather towards the heel and glue at the arch of the shoe. This will give a themed touch to your special day!
  • Feather centerpiece- For a cheap and easy table centerpiece, stick some peacock feathers in the flowers! This will give a fun and elegant touch to your themed wedding.

So if you’re looking for a fun, easy, and unique wedding theme, a peacock wedding is the way to go. With plenty of ways to do it, this theme will take a load of your shoulders!

Cherry Blossom Favors are in Full Bloom!

Cherry Blossom Soap

Cherry Blossom Soap

Thinking about a theme for your wedding but not sure of how what you want to do? Maybe you’re looking for something more feminine, but favors that will please both genders. has your solution: cherry blossom wedding favors. This fun, bright, and Spring/Summer themed favor for your special day is sure to leave your guests feeling like love is in bloom.

Here are three of our favorite cherry blossom themed favors for you to take a peek at:

•  Cherry Blossom Scented Soap Favors: These fragrant, dainty favors are perfect to send home with your guests. This round, light beige soap embossed with cherry blossoms nestled in a bed of shredded, natural raffia. This small treasure also comes in its own brown, cream, and light pink colored box.

Cherry Blossom Frosted Glass Coaster Favors: How pretty is this favor? This elegantly decorated glass coaster is donned with cherry blossom branches and flower, and is perfect for your guests to take home after your special day.

Personalized Brick Pack Coffee Wedding Favors: Who doesn’t love coffee? Send your guests home with their own personal pack of coffee so they can enjoy a cup while reminiscing on your special day. These personalized favors come in two flavors and four different colors.

Branch out and look at our other cherry blossom wedding favors at

Planning a Graduation Celebration

Graduation Lollipop Favors

Graduation Lollipop Favors

Planning a graduation party can sometimes be overwhelming. With the caterer, balloons, and picture collages needed to make your graduate’s get-together a memorable one, the work can get a little crazy for one person. Why not let us take over the party favor department? With our wide selection of graduation party favors, you’re sure to find something to send your guests off with.

One graduation party favor in particular, our “Hats off to You” Personalized Graduation Lollipop Favors, are a sweet way to celebrate with your guests. You can each pop personalize with the class year alone and a congratulatory message suited for everyone invited. Each lollipop party favor is wrapped neatly in it’s own clear cellophane package and tied with a white satin bow. Every order of 24 or more of these tasty treats comes with a Display Box you can decorate school with stickers and more (decorations not included). The lollipops are strawberry-flavored and arrive in a separate box from the labels. You can then gather the family around and have them help you place the stickers on the lollipops!

So no fear, will take over the favor-planning portion of your graduate’s party. Have another suggestion for us? Leave a comment!

Fun Wine Wedding Favor Options

Wine Themed Candles

Wine Themed Candles

Your big day is a huge celebration, and what would a celebration be without great wine?  There are lots of wine wedding favors that you can consider for your reception décor, some for use during the celebration and others to be taken home as gifts.  You will have fun exploring the options, and when that toast comes, your guests will have fun using these tokens.

Wine glass charms are cute and colorful.  Find colors, shapes, and items that complement your colors and theme.  Arrange for the charms to be used on the champagne or wine glasses at the reception, or include them at each place with notes of thanks.  The idea of a wine charm is not exclusive to adults.  Children love sparkling cider and some brides and grooms strictly use this choice of beverage.  The charms are still whimsical and fun.

Wine bottle stoppers are also excellent wine wedding favors.  You’ll find lots of bottle stoppers to choose from in our selection, all of which are perfect for celebrating your big day.  You’ll also find elegant options in motifs such as the pretty Fleur de Lis.  These can be used in the champagne or wine bottles during the reception, or they can be displayed in gift boxes at each place.  Remind your guests to take them home, as these will be great mementos that can be enjoyed for many years to come :)

What wine wedding favors from our selection are your favorite?

Planning A Summer Party

margarita party favorsPlanning a party is a complicated thing, but planning a party that all the guests will remember for years to come is a far more intense experience. It will pay off though with pictures, memories, and enhanced bonding with friends. After all, an invitation to a meticulously planned party lets all the guests know they are special to you.

Even if it is not obvious to guests, choosing a theme will help tremendously with party planning. Making the theme accessible, such as planning a summer theme in the summer, is helpful but not necessary. Summer is a vague theme capable of suggesting everything from margarita party favors to water balloons and beach balls. Some people are comfortable with this type of planning, but others will benefit by getting more specific.

A backyard BBQ, for instance, can become a summer island BBQ. A game, such as volleyball, badminton or pineapple bowling, can be combined with luau music and round paper lanterns or hibiscus lights. Always throw in at least two types of mosquito repellent! Personalized daiquiri or margarita party favors will give guests the chance to have a drink sometime later while remembering the great time they had at your party. Plus, it’s a heck of a lot of fun!

What specific aspects of summer would you like to highlight at your next party?

Wedding Favor Fans: A Thoughtful Detail for Outdoor Weddings

Wedding Favor FansIt’s summertime and you know what that means: outdoor weddings! Outdoor weddings and parties can be a great way for your guests to celebrate in an occasion while enjoying the warmth of the sun and the beauty of nature. However, sometimes, things can get a bit tricky when the temperatures start to rise. Luckily, at, we have a selection of wedding favor fans that are perfect for helping your guests cool down.

Our wedding favor fans come in all different styles and types, each crafted with care to make sure that they fit in beautifully with your big day. Choose from wedding favor fans that are printable, and can be personalized with your monogram or a thoughtful message, or go with a themed wedding favor fan, which features contemporary styling and a print or motif that can fit in with the rest of your decorative accents. Underwater seascapes, cherry blossoms, geometric patterns, hearts, and solid colors are just a few of the options you’ll have to choose from.

Put a wedding favor fan at each place setting as a favor or put the fans in baskets or vessels along the rows at your ceremony so that guests can fan themselves as they watch you exchange your vows. Definitely a thoughtful touch that your guests will remember!

Nostalgia Infuses Summer 2012 Wedding Trends with Fun

Every wedding is a unique event, and every trend is exciting because it provides a fresh opportunity for creative brides to customize their special day. Whether in favors, bouquets, wedding cakes or food presentation, there are some amazing summer 2012 wedding trends to think about before you set your plans in stone.

Romance, elegance, and a little bit of the dramatic are the highlights in bridal apparel and floral accents. Combinations of elegant lace sleeves and beautiful necklines will create a dreamy selection of options for your gown. Tangerine Tango will weave its way through the options in bridal party wear. Lush flowers will couple with vintage jewels and beads to create unusual bouquets and centerpieces. Cake presentations will range from dramatic floral accents to unusual icing motifs. Individual servings have trended toward cupcakes in recent years, but summer 2012 wedding trends include the option of mini replicas of the actual cake. Table favor ideas include the use of nostalgic toys and natural materials.

Feeding your guests at the reception is always a big decision, and fun is integral in summer 2012 wedding trends. Themed food stations offer a unique alternative to traditional buffets, with hot dog carts, cotton candy stands, and soda fountains taking center stage. Miniature milk jug glasses will contain refreshment choices of pink lemonade and other pretty, sparkling beverages.

Combining elegance with a childlike sense of celebration, summer weddings will provide a truly memorable way of merging memories of the past with hopes for the future.

Decorating with Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Decorating a large area for a party, such as a graduation, a wedding, a baby shower or a birthday party can be quite expensive and may take several items to cover the space. An inexpensive option is to use tissue paper pom poms. You can use tissue paper pom poms in a variety of ways to decorate a party area.

Centerpieces: Group several pom poms together to create centerpieces at your party. Use the same color or a monochromatic grouping of colors for a pretty look. Another option is to use colors that contrast well with each other, such as red and blue together. Place the pom poms in a clear vase or other glass container for an elegant look.

Canopy: Pom poms can be used to create a beautiful and romantic canopy. Place the canopy of pom poms over a focal point, such as the cake or gift table. This also creates a pretty zone to pose for pictures during the party.

Garland: Tying several tissue paper pom poms together can help you create a romantic garland. String the pom pom garland around doors, stair railings, walls or other locations to finish the pom pom decor for your party.

Inexpensive Baby Shower Favor Ideas

A baby shower is a joyous time in a new mother’s life. If you are hosting a baby shower, you will likely want to stock up on inexpensive baby shower favors that the mother and the other guests will ooh and ah over. There are several inexpensive baby shower favors from which you can choose.

egg baby shower favors

Egg Timer Baby Shower Favors

Egg Themed Favors

Many baby shower favors are based on eggs, a perfectly fitting theme for a new baby. Egg timers, egg whisks and egg salt and pepper shakers are just a few inexpensive and cute ideas.

Towel Cake Baby Shower Favors

Towel Cake Baby Shower Favors

Special Shaped Favors

Using a favor that looks like a particular object can create a unique favor. Use photo frames that are in the shape of a teddy bear. Another option is to use a baby carriage bookmark. A bookmark in the shape of a baby is another way to use a unique favor at the baby shower. Towel cakes that replicate lollipops are another option.

Honey Pot Baby Shower Favors

Honey Pot Baby Shower Favors

Kitchen Favors

Many inexpensive baby shower favors mimic items that are in the kitchen. Small honey pots, mini teapots and teacups, cookie cutters and microwaveable popcorn bags are a few options for cute baby shower favors that guests can use in their own kitchens.

Beach Wedding Favors: Our Favorite Picks

coconut shell candlesWhen couples are planning a beach wedding, using beach wedding favors is a sensible choice. Choosing favors that reflect the theme of the wedding is one way to make a cohesive design. Many options are available for beach wedding favors.

Candles: Candles are a popular choice for wedding favors that nearly every wedding guest can use. Beach themed candles include gel candles that have seashells placed in the gel mixture and candle holders that are shaped like a starfish. A coconut shell candle favor makes a unique option.

Fans: Another good option for beach wedding favors is to use fans. These make pretty favors and can also be functional for use in the outdoor ceremony or reception site.

Bottle Stoppers: A variety of bottle stoppers feature beach designs. These elegant stoppers can feature a porcelain like appearance in the shape of seashells, sea horses, starfish and coral.

Seashells: Seashells can appear on nearly any wedding favor. Use seashell shaped place card holders, cupcake holders, containers for mints, charms, bookmarks, candles and bottle openers.

Flip Flops: This quaint option will provide your guest with helpful footwear to get to and from the reception site. Special plantable seed versions make them the perfect green option.

Which type of beach wedding favor is your favorite?